Ingredion Campaign. Photography by Brett Nadal


One would think that your job as a wardrobe stylist would become easier if you were asked to find clothes that are all the same color, but that depends on the color and the season.  Navy?  Piece of cake.   You want gray?  Easy breezy…  But kelly green?  Luckily and shockingly, this was actually a very popular color last December when we shot this campaign and it wasn’t too big of a task.  I apologize to anyone who was looking for a kelly green garment to gift a family member in Chicagoland over the holiday season because I most definitely snatched it up.

The next obstacle was creating different personalities for each of the talent with the kelly green clothing options that were available in the stores.  It’s not a matter of picking up a bunch of button up green tops.  You have to think about the tailoring of these garments so that they properly represent the demographic of the talent.  For example, a dolman cut top (seen on the girl with the knit hat) is for a younger/trendy demographic.

A big ol’ THANK YOU to photographer, Brett Nadal, one of my favorite photographers to work with in Chicago.  Check out his awesome work HERE.

Tomboy Style

When I was nine years old, I was a bridesmaid in my aunt and uncle’s wedding.  Most little girls would be ecstatic over such an opportunity to dress up, yet I had sweaty palms out of fear of having to wear a dress.  Low and behold, it’s not shocking that I’m in love with this fashion blog, TOMBOY STYLE.  I may wear dresses more than pants nowadays, but I’ll always be a tomboy at heart.  Happy viewing.  Click the images below to direct you to TOMBOY STYLE.

Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

This is the Home Depot for all of your wardrobe styling kit needs.  This is some serious one stop shopping; from hangers, to plastic bins, to wardrobe racks, to steamers, Manhattan Wardrobe Supply has you covered.  To top it off, it’s cheaper than buying it in stores and they only sell top quality gear.

Stylists rejoice!  Your goto styling kit resource is here!  Click below to bring you to the website.