Degree Deodorant Campaign with Photographer Marcus Smith

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Some of my favorite projects involve styling athletes, therefore you can see why I was extra excited to style this project once I heard it was with the best new talent in Chicago, Marcus Smith.  My assignment was to dress 15 football players in 2 different head-to-toe uniforms, as well as practice gear.  The challenge with this project was not spending a million dollars to get this done in less than a week.  If you were to buy all of this in a store because you surely can’t return sweaty gear, it would cost you a fortune.  I instead ordered the equipment from a studio warehouse in LA that specializes in athletic gear and rented the equipment for the week.  I then had the jerseys specially made in North Carolina where it was rushed to us for the shoot.  After a lot of phone calls and sincere thank you’s to FedEx for delivering everything on time, the shoot went off without a hitch.  A big thank you to Marcus for having me on board, and Melanie Trombley Productions for putting all the pieces in the puzzle together.