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I had loads of fun prop styling for San Francisco photographer, Sasha Gulish for ULTA.  My inner tomboy was pushed aside to find all the beautifully bright girly props in Chicagoland.  Seeing how our demographic was trendy gals in their mid 20’s, I only shopped at stores that cater to that crowd; Target, Home Goods, Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, CB2, etc.  I ended up seeing these images months after the shoot while picking up makeup at ULTA and chuckled to myself because I was wearing all black, which made me feel proud of my ability to become a chameleon to whatever the client requests.  Styling is a bit like acting; to be successful at producing the client’s vision, you must play the part of who they are selling to by shopping in that mindset.  It has little to do with your personal taste, it’s rather your ability to successfully and tastefully fulfill a role.  The world doesn’t need to know that I hate pink.  They instead see that the ULTA shopper is someone who is on trend, happy, and enjoys beautiful things.