ESPN Magazine – Carson Wentz


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I was so honored to fly out to Fargo to style the expected #1 NFL draft pick, Carson Wentz for ESPN Magazine.  Carson Wentz is a special athlete; he only played football his senior year of high school and is one of the few Division 2 draft picks.  You can read more about this prodigy on ESPN’s website, HERE.

When working with pro athletes (or soon to be), it is important to find who they are signed with because the athlete can only appear in that brand.  Nike was nice enough to send me a number of jerseys, pants, and shoes.  I filled in the wholes at Eastbay, Sports Authority, and Sports Unlimited.  Since Wentz is keeping his North Dakota State number in the NFL, I had the jerseys printed “11” locally.  The badass matte black helmet was from Sports Unlimited (kind of like the Zappos for sports gear).

This shoot was such a blast!  A BIG thank you to ESPN Magazine for having me on board!!!

Photographer: Markus Eriksson

Grooming: Naseem Rafiei

Wardrobe and Prop Styling: Courtney Rust



Honeymaid #ThisisWholesome

This was a special project where Honeymaid casted a real family with an adopted son to be featured in their #ThisIsWholesome series.  The agency wanted to keep things as authentic as possible, therefore I pulled the family’s own wardrobe from their closets.  It’s always a joy to be part of a project where you’re not only part of a production, but you’re also creating keepsake for the lovely people involved.  This family really made the crew feel like we were part of something special.

Production: Public Record

Production coordinator: Anna Barciś
Wardrobe: Courtney Rust
Props: Theresa Poborsky
Food Styling: Qmani Mayonaka
PA: Calin Johnson