ESPN Magazine – Carson Wentz


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I was so honored to fly out to Fargo to style the expected #1 NFL draft pick, Carson Wentz for ESPN Magazine.  Carson Wentz is a special athlete; he only played football his senior year of high school and is one of the few Division 2 draft picks.  You can read more about this prodigy on ESPN’s website, HERE.

When working with pro athletes (or soon to be), it is important to find who they are signed with because the athlete can only appear in that brand.  Nike was nice enough to send me a number of jerseys, pants, and shoes.  I filled in the wholes at Eastbay, Sports Authority, and Sports Unlimited.  Since Wentz is keeping his North Dakota State number in the NFL, I had the jerseys printed “11” locally.  The badass matte black helmet was from Sports Unlimited (kind of like the Zappos for sports gear).

This shoot was such a blast!  A BIG thank you to ESPN Magazine for having me on board!!!

Photographer: Markus Eriksson

Grooming: Naseem Rafiei

Wardrobe and Prop Styling: Courtney Rust



Bob Odenkirk for Chicago Magazine

This was one of those jobs where I had to keep uttering to myself under my breath, “He’s just a person like you, he’s just a person like you,” so my hands wouldn’t shake profusely while I tied his tie from nerves.  Bob Odenkirk is a comedic legend and arguably one of the best actors out there.  He’s a man that shouldn’t be taken lightly, but I also didn’t want him to notice my sweaty upper lip while I dressed him in a Hugo Boss suit from Saks.  This was SO MUCH fun and a shoot I’ll never forget!  You can read the article from Chicago Magazine HERE.

Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 6.19.26 AM

Men’s Journal – Andrew Luck



It takes a special someone to replace Peyton Manning as quarterback of the Indianapolis Colts.  That talented person is Andrew Luck, and I had the pleasure of making sure he looked great for his cover feature for Men’s Journal.  A big thank you to NIKE for sending me tons of options to dress him in for the inside story, and a BIG thanks to Billy Kirk for sending me a bunch of great duffel/gym bag options, and lastly to Nordstroms for allowing me to use some of their men’s grooming product to style his locker.


ESPN Body Issue

ESPNBodyISSAs a large fan of ESPN magazine, (truth be told my husband has the subscription, but I steal it because they have AMAZING sports photography), I was SO excited to get the call to work on their renowned Body Issue with Argentinian photographer, Paola Kudacki.  Our athlete, Amy Purdy, (who I actually met many years ago on a shoot for Meningitis awareness), was our brave subject who bared all.  Talk about not letting a disability get in the way of being a superstar, Amy has won multiple medals as a Paralympic snowboarder, but you probably know her as being a contestant on Dancing with the Stars.

The obvious thing that you’re probably wondering is, “What did you prop exactly?”  Great question… I didn’t.  Sometimes you get hired to provide things “just in case.”  For this particular job, my only request was to get crash pads that are under Amy in case she took a spill from the aerobatic apparatus.  This project was a nice break from my normal hustle and bustle, and a really fun experience to be part of.  A big thanks to Howe Haus Productions for asking me to be part of the team.

You can watch a behind the scenes video of the shoot and learn more about Amy Purdy here.


Chicago Bulls’ Marco Belinelli for L’Uomo Vogue

I had so much fun styling Marco Belinelli for L’Uomo Vogue this month with my friend and amazing photographer, Brian Sorg.

The style direction from the photo director was simply to work in a sharp suit with the Nike gear that had to be featured.  A big thanks to Bloomingdales for allowing me to pull some awesome gear and this amazing FOX umbrella.   I wasn’t sure how I was going to work in a $300 dog head umbrella, but I knew it was a must.  Unfortunately, the tip broke off in my car on my way to return it and now the sucker is mine.  These are the risks you take on doing editorial and test photo shoots.  You put a scary amount of money on your credit cards knowing that if something goes wrong, your wallet may become a bit lighter.  Amazingly, I have never (knock on wood) broke/lost a single item in the past.  (Crazy, right???  I even impress myself sometimes.) Therefore, when I discovered the umbrellie injury, I knew the time had come to proudly display my first wounded warrior in my apartment.

Back to the photo shoot, Marco was a delight.  We mostly tapped into his personal wardrobe, which was full of everything you wish your boyfriend would wear.  He was game (basketball pun) for sporting (again) anything we asked, and a hell of lot of fun to spend the afternoon dressing.  These are the dreams Sunday afternoon photo shoots of NBA players in their apartment are made of.

Let’s not forget hair and make up by the masterful Karen Brody.

Also, make sure you check out Brian’s website HERE.  He’s bonkers talented.

Time Out Chicago – Singles – Photography by Erika Dufour

Do you want to stop waving your hand like Beyonce and land yourself a man??? **  A good place to start is by showing off your shoulder knobs and knee knobs in this Aqua dress that was a total steal ($60)!

A HUGE thanks to one of my favorite photo ladies in the midwest, Erika Dufour, for asking me to be part of this Time Out Chicago cover shoot.  Now go get sum’, single tigers!!!  Happy Valentine’s Day!


**It’s embarrassing how my high brow magazine reading while getting my nails done has infiltrated my writing style.


Chicago Magazine – Lawmakers Gone Wild – Photography by Taylor Castle

Breaking news!!!  Politicians abuse taxpayers money!!!  Now let’s make a funny picture about it. Sign me up Chicago Magazine.  I’m all over this.

I pulled inspiration from spotting Ted Kennedy eating clam chowdah at Cheers at Logan airport when I used to live in Boston.  I now know that was my money!  But really (even though that is a true story, but not my source of inspiration), this was a fun one for me.  I love telling a good story and I love to sensationalize.  Who better to collaborate with than Chicago based photographer, Taylor Castle?

As you know, politicians have a pretty limited wardrobe.  It’s strictly a navy or black suit, white shirt and either a red or blue tie depending on their party’s affiliation.  The other little touch is the American flag lapel pin.  To make them a political Blago, you need to add little touches of sleaze.  This includes oversized gold watches, pinky rings, class rings, gold buttons, gold chains, etc. (you can’t include of these things or else it would look like Mr. T running for office).  We also wanted decadent food, therefore I sadly had to waste two delicious Maine lobsters I bought for $25 a piece for the sake of art.  Seeing how lobster is my favorite thing ever (I’m a born and breed New Englander), I really felt I took one for the team.

Thank you Megan Lovejoy-Deja from Chicago Magazine and Taylor Castle for making this a memorable shoot!

Bounty – Rolling Stone… Photography by Brian Kuhlmann

I was very excited to have an image in the first issue of spanish Rolling Stone, even if it was for paper towels instead of styling [fill in your favorite artist here].  To top it off, I got to do my favorite type of styling; making little people look like big people.  This little boy became my little Bruce.  Keytar-ing has never looked so tough thanks to this kid.  He slid on his knees, air kicked, and did windmills for hours.

To those of you looking to get into styling, let it be known that this was more than picking out cute clothes.  That corner of the couch, ottoman, and every kitchen accessory was sourced.  Rather than buying multiple couches, I spent a day scouting taking pictures of the larger furniture items and presented selects to the clients.  From there, we started off with a blank slate of a kitchen that looked like it wasn’t lived in.  We added splashes of color with kid pictures, flowers, and knick knacks.   That couch was a total back breaker.  But it looks good, right?  That’s the important part.  That splash milk was flown in from NY for a hefty fee.   And yes, that’s toast in the toaster.  It’s the little things…  A humongous thanks to Brian Kuhlmann and his awesome crew that made this challenging job feel like a breeze and that couch feel like a feather.

Photographer: Brian Kuhlmann, HMU: Carley Martin, Digital Tech: Brian Eaves, Assistants: Ben Rodig, Colin Beckett, Sean Costin Producer: Eric Exley, Stylist: Courtney Rust (me), Stylist Assistant: Colleen Durkin

Philly Magazine – Dad Gear

With more and more stay-at-home-dads these days, Philadelphia Magazine wanted photographer Clint Blowers and I to create a proud father’s domestic cave.  I refined the search for baby props by looking specifically for items that were within a earth-tone color palette, sports themed and technologically savvy.  A big THANK YOU goes out to DadGear who kindly sent an array of diaper messenger bags, backpacks, and diaper fleece vests and jackets.  You heard me, DIAPER FLEECE VESTS.  You can hike and keep your baby’s butt oh so fresh!!!  And you can buy all of these items in camouflage in case you find yourself hiking, sneaking up on deer and wiping your baby’s behind.  Who said men couldn’t multitask?!!

Photographer: Clint Blowers

Prop Styling: Courtney Rust

Camo Diaper Backpack: DadGear