The sport of Ebaying.

Truth be told, I was possibly a little behind on this (decade or two?).  Last summer I discovered the joys of Ebay and 90’s punk band, The Descendents (more like 20 years late).  I only mention the latter because it is as equally embarrassing since I love punk and never worked them into rotation until waaaaaaaay after the fact.

Any who, back on target.  Ebay…  Hot DANG!  The iPad app?  Get out of here…. It’s so user-friendly!  You’re my new friend and the reason why I may have to meet up with friends later than asked because a bidding war is ending at 8:23 and I NEED that pair of elk antlers.  My competitive nature tends to come out in the most aggressive fashion (no pun intended) when I have my heart set on something that I believe is already mine.  I kid you not, whenever I get it into my head that I want something, I always consult with Ebay first.  That’s when the “sporting” begins.

You most certainly need a plan when bidding.  Don’t be one of those assholes that bids on something when there is 4 days left of the auction to raise the prices up for the rest of us.  Instead, put your item on watch, set your calendar alarm for when the bidding war is supposed to end, and visit that item in its last 2 minutes.  I like to throw a lower number than I’d actually pay out there in the last-minute and a half to see if the other bidder already set the bar pretty high, if they haven’t, I’ll come back BIG and sock it to them in the last 7 seconds with a price they don’t have time to outbid.  Take that!!!  Needless to say, along with my UPS man, my USPS lady now also thinks I have a serious problem with the amount of packages I receive these days.  I love the hunt, I love the game, and I love having something that I really feel I loss some sweat over.  You won’t lose weight, but you will win boxes of happiness.

The Land of Nod

I can’t tell you how elated I am to be part of the amazing crew who creates  The Land of Nod catalog.  To add icing to the cake, the main art direction I got for the wardrobe styling was to “think outside the box.”  This was exciting to me because with kids, you can be a little more weird.  You don’t want things to look perfect, instead it needs to be imaginative.  I approached this project in creating grown up personas for each of the kids and shopped for elements that would be telling of their future personalities.  Grant it, first and foremost, this is a kids home catalog.  We’re not marketing clothes, and we don’t want them to be too over-the-top so that we lose sight of what we’re selling.  The trick is to conquer this while still having the kids look aspirational.  Since I was shopping for a holiday catalog in July, it involved a lot of thrifting, a lot of rummaging through antique stores, and a lot of vintage perusing; mixed with your basics from Target, Nordstrom, etc.  I also aged a lot of clothes to make them look less off the shelf.

Some challenges I encountered were that some kids already had strong opinions on what they would and would not wear.  “What do you mean you don’t want to wear a top hat with a pipe cleaner brim?  But you’re my mini Johnny Deep, via Benny & Joon!”  Unlike a disciplinary mom who can lay down the law and tell her child to be quiet and buck up, I had to compromise with the talent.  They’re still kids, and they’re not going to give you what you want on camera if they feel uncomfortable.  In the end, we made a deal and I’m pretty excited with the outcome.  Here’s a couple of shots I scanned from the catalog.  You can now find the holiday catalog in stores or in your mailbox.

Future PGA golfer who listens to 90’s hip hop artist, Kris Kross.

Vintage shopping graphic designer.

The 70’s inspired poet.

The musician influence by 90’s grunge.

Urban planner.

City shop owner.

Courtney Rust, wardrobe stylist, The Land of Nod.

Luxury Garage Sale

If you’re all fancy and love designer goods, or you love a solid victory on Ebay, you’ll be a big fan of this website.  Luxury Garage Sale curates some of the best vintage finds on Ebay in an easy to view list, to save you the time of having to rummage through all the other crap you get when you search for “Chloe brown sandals” on Ebay.  Once you select the item you think you’ve been looking for, the bidding wars begin and you’re redirected over to Ebay to place your bets.  If you have the patience and determination, you can come out with some amazing goods at a fraction of the price.    On the flip side, if you need to sell some of your treasures, they’ll come to you and post your items on Ebay and do all of the work.  You can read more about this service here.

You can start spending your money by clicking on the image below.

Advanced Style

For those of you who are retired, and feel dressing up means reaching for your red hat to wear at a luncheon with your lady friends at Red Robin, maybe you should rethink your attire and check out this blog, Advanced Style.

“Respect your elders and let these ladies and gents teach you a thing or two about living life to the fullest.  Advanced Style offers proof from the wise and silver-haired set that personal style advances with age.” – Advanced Style founder, Ari Cohen.

Check out these silver foxes to get excited about how fun your future could potentially be.

All images were taken from Advanced Style.  To see more, and learn a few tips like making a turban out of leggings, click the image below.

New Image – Vintage Catering

Referring back to how people are influenced by television, I can’t tell you how often I’m asked to do a Mad Men inspired shoot.  In my mind, it’s kind of like someone trying to sing Whitney Houston at a karaoke bar.  Not that I love Whitney Houston, she’s on crack, but the lady has pipes and you don’t want to even attempt to bust out a fan favorite because it’s an easy way to butcher something people already know.  The same goes for a stylist trying to do a Mad Men set.  It’s a bit scary and is why I have turned down the opportunity until now.  I jumped on this time around because I was working with a large team of people to create shots for a catering company.  Other than the regular slew of crew members needed to produce a successful shoot, we had an interior designer, specialized pin up hair stylists, florist, and a caterer.  It basically turned into a vintage showcase of the Mad Men in us all.

Wardrobe was easy to find for this due to Mad Men’s influence on retailers.  Brooks Brothers even has a Mad Men line of suits.  In the end, I think we all got images we can be proud of due to having a great leader, Chicago photographer Scott Thompson.  Here’s a couple of images.

Is Etsy the new Ebay?

If you love to scour Ebay for vintage clothing and accessories, I recommend turning your online patience in exploration over to Etsy.  I’ve been a long time fan of all their artisan goods, but in never dawned on me to dig through their vintage.  Boy-oh-boy do they have good finds.  It’s edited much better than Ebay where you won’t see as many canvas bags labeled as “brown” when they’re really dyed in coffee stains and god knows what else.  Instead you’ll find vendors with a more critical eye and more gently used goods.  The other plus is that Etsy’s website is just nicer to look at.   Ebay’s homepage makes me want to buy a lawnmower and only a lawnmower.  Ok, maybe a vintage saw too.