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I help athletes tell their story.

I’m a commercial wardrobe stylist that focuses on styling athletes. I spent the first 15 years of my career styling campaigns for power houses like Amazon, Mercedes, Target, McDonald’s, and Volkswagen. At the peak of my career, I felt there was more I could do to give back through my styling work. I transitioned my focus to styling athletes.

“If you have a body, you’re an athlete.” - Bill Bowerman, co-founder of Nike.

As someone who’s love of sports began as the only girl on her soccer team at the age of 6, I quickly saw the benefits of being an athlete and being part of a team. I believe that a lot of the world problems can be solved if we start with building a good mental and physical foundation for ourselves, especially through those impressionable teenage years. Through sports and fitness, you gain courage while taking risks, the ability to comeback after a loss, the importance of your role as a team player, and how grit can push you through just about anything. In a time when we are more isolated than ever looking at our screens, I feel the weight on my shoulders to do more through my work to motivate individuals, especially kids, to get out there and be active.

My expertise is in understanding how the garments can best highlight and tell the athlete’s story. I know the nuances of team uniforms and current safety standards for competition. I specialize in working with athletic fabrics and study how the design of the apparel has different implications for every sport. This is because each activity calls for different design to enhance performance. I also understand fitting an athlete’s body is different than fitting a model. I make sure the garments are capturing their hard earned physique. It is my goal to make sure that the athlete shines just as much in front of the camera as they do at their sport.


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