Bounty – Rolling Stone… Photography by Brian Kuhlmann

I was very excited to have an image in the first issue of spanish Rolling Stone, even if it was for paper towels instead of styling [fill in your favorite artist here].  To top it off, I got to do my favorite type of styling; making little people look like big people.  This little boy became my little Bruce.  Keytar-ing has never looked so tough thanks to this kid.  He slid on his knees, air kicked, and did windmills for hours.

To those of you looking to get into styling, let it be known that this was more than picking out cute clothes.  That corner of the couch, ottoman, and every kitchen accessory was sourced.  Rather than buying multiple couches, I spent a day scouting taking pictures of the larger furniture items and presented selects to the clients.  From there, we started off with a blank slate of a kitchen that looked like it wasn’t lived in.  We added splashes of color with kid pictures, flowers, and knick knacks.   That couch was a total back breaker.  But it looks good, right?  That’s the important part.  That splash milk was flown in from NY for a hefty fee.   And yes, that’s toast in the toaster.  It’s the little things…  A humongous thanks to Brian Kuhlmann and his awesome crew that made this challenging job feel like a breeze and that couch feel like a feather.

Photographer: Brian Kuhlmann, HMU: Carley Martin, Digital Tech: Brian Eaves, Assistants: Ben Rodig, Colin Beckett, Sean Costin Producer: Eric Exley, Stylist: Courtney Rust (me), Stylist Assistant: Colleen Durkin

Gold Motel – Chicago Magazine

Here’s a recent portrait I styled with photographer, Brian Kuhlmann of Chicago’s own Gold Motel.  I’m usually not a big fan of using black because it creates a hole in the frame, but when you’re working in an old bank vault with walls of gold safety boxes, black is your friend, especially some good ol’ black leather (singer’s dress, although you can’t really tell.  It looked AMAZING on her!  Dress is by Elizabeth and James.)

Hair and make up done by the great Carley Martin.

Check out Gold Motel’s summer time jams, HERE.