Get Lucky

Here’s a recent personal project I did with photographer Jessica Sladek and HMU Cindy Shute.  These images were based off of the new Daft Punk album, Rand Access Memory.  Typically when you collaborate for a portfolio test, a lot of time and energy goes into the planning.  This was not the case; we entered the studio in less than a week with only one motivation and that was how the Daft Punk album makes you feel.  While playing the album on repeat for 8 hours, and dancing to strobes, we eventually made it to outer space.

NBC’s Chicago Fire, photographed by the Wade Brothers, styled by ME!

I got called for this job with having one sole purpose: to find red dresses (and accessories) that look like fire.  When you’re asked to find something so specific with not a lot of time, the internet is your best friend.  You don’t have time to walk into every store and see what they have on the racks for red dresses (although my amazing assistant, Melinda Jane Myers went out for me for reassurance).  To narrow down your search, I highly recommend using ShopStyle.  It pulls from every designer and high-end department store, and allows you to see every red dress available, while sifting out the crap for you.  I use it for myself if; for example, if I have a pair of shoes I want, but want to see how much everyone is selling it for, I always plug it into ShopStyle to price check.  They’re the jam.

This Gryphon dress was chosen because it was hammered silk and flowed like magma.  We had to improvise with her scarf because unless you’re a retiree who dresses up for Bingo in Tampa Florida, chiffon red scarves aren’t readily available.  Instead we hacked up some red chiffon and draped it over her, which worked like a charm.  If you’re wondering how to get red locks like that, you’ll have to ask the master hair and make up artist Cindy Shute.

As for the crew and the Wade Brothers, this will go down as one of the most creative/fun projects I have worked on to date.  The Wade Brothers had so many tricks up their sleeve to make this shot look as fantastic as it does, that I found myself admiring and watching as though I was nineteen in photo school again.  These guys are ridiculously talented and a pleasure to work with.

Chicago Magazine July Cover

The Trump Tower Terrace never looked so good thanks to the invite by Chicago Magazine to shoot their July cover.  That night I had one of those deep, overwhelming love patters for the city of Chicago.  It’s a really beautiful place when you’re not chattering your teeth to get out of the cold.  On top of that, apparently there’s more than 165 things to do?!!

Photographer: Jeff Sciortino

Hair and Make Up: Cindy Shute

Wardrobe: Me, Courtney Rust

Digital Tech: Nathaniel Smith

Assistants: Grant Hogdeon

Producer: Amanda Gray

A HUGE thank you to Bloomingdales for graciously allowing me to borrow wardrobe for our hero models (group around main table)!  Jewelry was provided by T0pshop.