Chicago Bulls’ Marco Belinelli for L’Uomo Vogue

I had so much fun styling Marco Belinelli for L’Uomo Vogue this month with my friend and amazing photographer, Brian Sorg.

The style direction from the photo director was simply to work in a sharp suit with the Nike gear that had to be featured.  A big thanks to Bloomingdales for allowing me to pull some awesome gear and this amazing FOX umbrella.   I wasn’t sure how I was going to work in a $300 dog head umbrella, but I knew it was a must.  Unfortunately, the tip broke off in my car on my way to return it and now the sucker is mine.  These are the risks you take on doing editorial and test photo shoots.  You put a scary amount of money on your credit cards knowing that if something goes wrong, your wallet may become a bit lighter.  Amazingly, I have never (knock on wood) broke/lost a single item in the past.  (Crazy, right???  I even impress myself sometimes.) Therefore, when I discovered the umbrellie injury, I knew the time had come to proudly display my first wounded warrior in my apartment.

Back to the photo shoot, Marco was a delight.  We mostly tapped into his personal wardrobe, which was full of everything you wish your boyfriend would wear.  He was game (basketball pun) for sporting (again) anything we asked, and a hell of lot of fun to spend the afternoon dressing.  These are the dreams Sunday afternoon photo shoots of NBA players in their apartment are made of.

Let’s not forget hair and make up by the masterful Karen Brody.

Also, make sure you check out Brian’s website HERE.  He’s bonkers talented.

Despicably delightful new images.

I don’t know how I feel about making really good-looking people look completely ridiculous.  Wait, yes I do, it may be my favorite pastime.  This was done as a pitch for a project.  All it took was one swift swoop at the thrift store to find the wardrobe gems seen above.  What makes these images so despicably delightful is the AMAZING models above who turned full swing into character.  I was also part of the series as a nerdy bohemian small town art teacher, but I’ll spare you from uncomfortable repulsion on how bad I made my very own self look.

Photographed by Ryan Robinson and hair & makeup by Karen Brody.