Poor Blog is sitting in the back seat

I hate an excuse post, but I feel like I must come clean on why this poor blog has taken the back seat.  I think about you all the time, honestly I do, but the photo industry in Chicago has been completely bonkers busy for months and months, and I also have a 13 month old amazing human being to watch after who obviously comes before trying to market myself in any way, which has made it nearly impossible to come here to report all of the fun things that I’ve been working on.  There have been so many great projects like Land of Nod, Sprint, Beats for Apple, State Farm, Mercedes, Nike, Advocate, Walgreens, Kraft, Virgin Hotels, etc., that I need to dig up and write the post that these jobs deserve.  I also have some personal fashion discoveries that I want to share (the world’s most perfect jumpsuit).  Soon, my friends…  Until then, happy fall.

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Nike Chi League

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A HUGE thank you to Howe Haus Productions for having me on board to do the wardrobe styling for Nike’s Chi League.  This was an impressive group of men, and I couldn’t be more honored to work with them.  If you’re in Chicago, I highly recommend going to see them play during their 10 week season during the summer.  You can find more information here.   Photography by Robert Maxwell.

Men’s Journal – Andrew Luck



It takes a special someone to replace Peyton Manning as quarterback of the Indianapolis Colts.  That talented person is Andrew Luck, and I had the pleasure of making sure he looked great for his cover feature for Men’s Journal.  A big thank you to NIKE for sending me tons of options to dress him in for the inside story, and a BIG thanks to Billy Kirk for sending me a bunch of great duffel/gym bag options, and lastly to Nordstroms for allowing me to use some of their men’s grooming product to style his locker.


Luol Deng – Nike, “How will you make it count?”

I realize my timing of this post may not be the best.  Therefore, I would like to start by saying that I wish the tables had turned in a more favorable direction for the Bulls in this post season, and I’m sorry for their loss due to the team’s injuries.  After turning off the game, it inspired me to find the Nike commercial I wardrobe styled of Luol Deng last December because I hadn’t seen it yet.  Um, yeah… it’s amazing.  I’m so excited to have been part of the massive crew that made this happen.

If my mom told me driving home from my fourth session of basketball camp in the summer of 1993 that I would someday dress a Bulls player for a Nike commercial, I would have never taken down my Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen posters I got from the book fair.  At the time, I was pretty sure that I would someday be surrounded by fellow players that could dunk, but it would be from my basketball merits, not from my ability to source an ungodly amount of Nike merchandise in less than 24 hours.  Either way, this commercial makes me smile ear to ear.  It fulfills a dream.  It’s a different dream that includes a lint roller, but still… I’m honored to be able to stand next to such an amazing athlete under any circumstance.  Go. Team. Wardrobe.

Wardrobe Stylist – Courtney Rust