Two thousand thirteen.

2013 has already been pretty lively; well, at least the last 4 days.  I bought a car, had invasive foot surgery where my BIG toe actually stands a little shorter now, and watched 27 episodes of Homeland.  Shortening of the toe?  No big deal, but 27 episodes of Homeland???  Obvious response would be, that’s too much TV… and there’s only been 24.  I decided to pack a punch by rewatching the last 3 episodes.  The shit is good, scary good.   There really isn’t anything better than getting into an amazing show a couple of seasons after it aired, and rifling through the episodes like you’re on assignment.  I would now like to take the time to thank my foot for never healing properly after an old field hockey injury to give me the opportunity to indulge in yet another reason why this clearly is the golden age of television.

But back to it being 2013, being unable to move and sitting on my ass this week made me think about what lies ahead. 2012 was by far my most successful year thus far in my career.  If I could put my disc man on repeat (90’s!) I certainly would.  The strange thing about the past year was the busier I was with assignments, the fewer ideas I had to share on my blog and the less creative tasks I did on my own.  I could point my finger at being creatively drained, but if I was the equivalent stylist as Carrie is a CIA agent (get in on Homeland, NOW), I’d be spewing out styling chants every night before bed on my blog, I’d be testing for my portfolio the few microseconds I have in a month, and I wouldn’t sigh at standing on my feet for 4 hours after I shopped for 10 to see a band.  Sadly, it shows the most on this blog.  It has turned to posting only a few random jobs, which makes me BbbboooOOOrring.  I’ve been told by people in emails who want to get into styling that The Returnist is one of the few outlets online that gives a little insight to the styling world (Rachel Zoe and Brad Brad World aren’t exactly representative of what goes on).  Yet another reason I need to get back on this internet high horse.

So here it goes, my 2013 goal is to not let being super busy make me mentally lazy.  The weird thing about freelancing is that it’s less taxing to be busy all of the time with projects [insert first world problems joke here].  You have people telling  you where to pour your creative juices all day, everyday, which is mentally easy.  The real gains for me happen when I step outside of that agenda filled box, remember why I got here, and look elsewhere for creative inspiration.   If you truly are passionate about your job and don’t feel that you’re at work when you’re working, there shouldn’t be a box.   That’s my real 2013 resolution; no box, more Carrie.

Life After Assisting – January 22, 2010

APA Midwest and ASMP Chicago is hosting a great event in less than 2 weeks on how to transition from being a photo assistant to becoming a photographer or another leading role on the crew, such as producer, stylist, digital tech, etc.  This is a subject that is rarely talked about candidly and never in open panel discussion with an audience.  Therefore, if you’re looking for a few pointers on how to take the next leap and would like to hear success stories of how people did it then I beg you not to miss this.  I’m excited to be a panelist and share my story of becoming a stylist from being a freelance photo assistant in commercial photography.  In the upcoming week or so my blog posts will be focused around how to take that leap of faith from my personal experience in making the transition.  Mark your swimsuit calendar because you won’t want to miss this!

Hello blog. I’m delighted to meet you.

Yes!  My time has come to use modern technology as a bucket to collect my overflowing thoughts.  I’ve denied this online gournal (Wet Hot American Summer, anyone?) for as long as I could muster and would now like to embrace it like Spanx.  Things have been pretty exciting in my neck of the woods that I would love to share and get your feedback on.  Here we go blog.  I’ve got you by the ….