Coral & Tusk

I’m a sucker for all things camp-y(eah!).

These loves lead me to a sea of hand stitched camp-y(eah!) wonders that I can fill my home, decorate my bod, and gift my friend’s new little one with.  I welcome Coral & Tusk into my long list of go-to shopping vendors with open arms.  Charming is an understatement for their pillows, patches, artwork, and toys.  See for yourselves here.


Time Out – Alfresco Cover

Where can you find a plot of grass with pretty ladies eating guacamole in the middle of the street?  Only in your dreams and/or Todd Baxter‘s computer.  It’s always exciting working with Todd because he’s a Photoshop genius and nothing ever quite looks like how it did in studio.  My focus was on the wardrobe, which was directed to be ladies out at brunch.  The challenge was finding clothing that was bright enough to break them away from the city background while also being climate appropriate.  What I didn’t want was for the shot to look like a circus in color, or for the ladies to look like twin-kies in that they all dressed in very similar styles.  Each girl needed to have their own personality, yet work together in proportion and color at the table.  The solution… as always, bring a whole lot of options and play around with it until you have something that works.

A big THANKS to Todd for asking me to be part of this!  Make sure you check out his website, you’ll Ooooo and Ahhh.