If there is one point of pride in my career, it’s that I can shop like the wind. I often imagine myself on a Bravo TV challenge and impressing the hell out of the judges with my swiftness in how I can accurately acquire the most amount of options for a project. Here are some of my secrets.

  • Know your city. I know where to go to hit the most number of stores with the least amount of hassle with parking. This is so important. Where you park in proximity to a store is everything when you’re pressed for time and carrying a ton of loot.

  • Lists are your friend. On top of having my notes, layouts and sizes, I make a list to map out what stores I’m going to hit and with sub-list of what I can buy at each of those stores. I also put the stores in order of how I’ll be driving to them. By the end of a vigorous shopping day my lists typically look like the map to find the hidden pirate ship in Goonies.

  • It’s all about getting the most bang for your buck. That doesn’t mean buying things at a good price, it means what stores are worth spending your precious time to get the most amount of options in the shortest amount of time. This can also be decided by the parking situation for that store. As I mentioned before, knowing where to park is everything in a big city.

  • Go to the stores with fastest check out procedures. Goodbye Zara, hello Nordstrom.

  • If you only find 5 items or less that work for the project at the store you’re at, don’t bother. It’s not worth wasting the time in line. Again, see ya Zara.

  • Try to carry the smallest handbag you can get away with when you’re in the stores. You don’t want to add anymore weight to the insane amount of clothing you’re hauling around.

  • Always ask if you can keep the hangers. This saves an incredible amount of time once you hang everything on the rack. Target, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Kohl’s and many more let you keep the hangers.

  • Order your shoes or buy them from places where you don’t wait for a sales associate to go into a back room and bring them back to you. I’ve used Zappos for years. I can order shoes after store hours when I get home and knock out a big chunk of my shopping day in no time. The shoes also come in less than 24 hours. If you know me, you know I can’t say enough good things about Zappos.

  • Bring Ikea bags into the store. Ikea bags are bought at Ikea and are made out of burlap. They are nearly indestructible and hold an outrageous amount. Don’t mess around with flimsy store bags and risking the hassle of having one break.

  • Stick to one credit card for the day and only keep that credit card with a back up card and your id in your wallet. You don’t want to keep having to search your bag.

  • Eat trail mix and drink lots of water. You don’t want to get hangry. If you removed the seat in my car I’m pretty sure I’d make a squirrel’s day.

  • Wear sneakers with support. Shopping for a large production is a sport. You’re on your feet for 5-8 hours while carrying extra pounds. Don’t me a dummy, dress smart.

Happy Shopping!